Specialist in optimizing customs processes
Specialist in optimizing customs processes

 105     Redakteur   October 31, 2023

Anyone looking for a specialist in optimizing customs processes can turn to the expert Günther Dürndörfer. His agency "Dürndorfer Zollberatung" advises a wide variety of companies on the import and export of goods of all kinds. In this way, he can help companies avoid mistakes in customs clearance and, if necessary, prevent customs penalties. Numerous laws and regulations play an important role in international trade, such as customs law, preferential law and export control. The expert has decades of experience as an employee, official and lecturer in relevant areas. Clients benefit from the expert's extensive knowledge and receive comprehensive advice. They can often obtain attractive customs advantages, which is enormously important in international competition. Dürndorfer Zollberatung supports companies of all kinds in the export and import of goods. The expert Günther Dürndorfer has been dealing with customs law for many years and specializes in optimizing customs processes of all kinds. In this way he helps his clients to survive in the highly competitive international market. When importing and exporting goods professionally, it is important to avoid a variety of pitfalls so as not to risk customs penalties or having to pay unnecessarily high duties. The expert is well acquainted with the various topics, from customs clearance and customs valuation law to preferential agreements and origin determination to products subject to approval and embargoed countries. Further information about the services offered and an informative customs blog can be found on the website of Dürndorfer-Zollberatung.

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